120816 – Economy Not Only Thing In Toilet

Today’s Items:

Greece to Exit Euro Zone Next Month?

Another day, another prediction of a Greek exit from the euro zone. Next month there may be the ratification of the ESM in Germany; thus, a situation that forces Greece leaves the euro next month.   Of course, Greece’s exit will allow for Spain and Italy a better opportunity at the German supported money trough…   Unless the whole thing collapses.

Goodbye Penny and Nickel?

Due to inflation, zinc, that makes up the penny, is no longer an option.   Last year, it took 2.4 cents to make each penny. In addition, nickels, which are 75% copper, cost twice as much to produce as they’re worth.   From 2006 to 2011, production of the cent and nickel generated losses of $359.80 million.   In short, after preparing, if you cannot afford silver and gold, keep stacking those nickels.

Markets Will Crush Central Bank Actions

The Central Bank Cabal may believe they control the world economy; however, according to Bill Fleckenstein, financial gravity will take over when the markets dictate the value of the currency printed by Central Banks.   Make no mistake, bubbles pop and the Fed officially or unofficially printing currency, believing there are no repercussions, is definitely going to eventually produce an implosion event that will cause people to get the hell out Dodge.

It’s Gone!

If you are holding your gold and silver in the form of ETF’s or other paper instruments, you may be in for a real surprise in the near future.   This market cannot even be compared to a casino since casino’s at least follow some form of rules when taking your money.   It is far better to be holding onto physical gold and silver; however, what ever you do, avoid storing it in bank safety deposit boxes.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Bank of America, in the latest act of crimes, has purposely and deliberately drilled open and removed private property from customer’s safety deposit boxes.   What was the reason?   They claim that they could not find the safety deposit box owners social security numbers; which was clearly on the application for those safety deposit boxes.   At least the bank notified the owners of the theft.

Job Offers

Believe it or not, there are careers out there that are literally booming.   For example, Al-Qaeda has posted “suicide bombers wanted” ads in internet forums.   The main qualification for this job is that you must be utterly committed to completing your mission.   Sorry, there will be no trainings,  healthcare benefits of any kind, and you can forget about any retirement benefits.   Only serious applicants should immediately contact the Department of Homeland Insecurity for this explosive job opportunity.

Bill Gates Searches for Toilet of the Future

Bill Gates, who is certainly demonstrated that he is full of it, has decided to go from windows to the toilet.   How fitting.    His claim is that the flush toilets that we use today are impractical and impossible for many people in the world.   Well, what ever the new toilet will be, you can be sure he is a fan of Sheyl Crow’s proposed limitation of a single toilet tissue square.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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