120724 – Banker Fascist Police State Draws Near

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Today’s Items:

The Latest Domino to Fall is Spain
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Spain’s stock market regulator banned short-selling on all Spanish securities for three months and said it may extend the ban. Spain’s economic growth contracted by 1 percent year-on-year in the second quarter. Spanish 10-year borrowing costs rose sharply to trade around 7.5 percent. Spanish stocks fell sharply amid fears that a number of regional governments will ask Madrid for financial support. Yes, evidence mounts on the sovereign debt crisis spreading as both the markets and euro slide.

Libor Arrests ‘Imminent’

From the public’s perception, international law enforcement agencies are close to arresting those attempting to manipulate inter-bank interest rates. Of course, this is far from the truth folks. LIBOR cannot be manipulated from lowly traders or a single bank; thus, this is simply a fraudulent illusion for the masses to keep this fiscal ponzi scheme going. It will be interesting to see who they decide should take the fall for this or if there be a bogus group settlement. This is because, it is very unlikely anyone will see Geithner, Bernanke, Jamie Dimon, and others, in handcuffs anytime soon.

Fed Looks at Third Round of Easing

Well, the latest slowdown in the U.S. economy appears to be forcing the Fed to consider… Drum roll please…. QE3. The Fed may be hesitant about the measure; however, being painted into the fiscal corner really leaves little else.

CFTC’s Chilton Sees Silver Probe Concluding This Year

Bart Chilton, of the CFTC, said he is hopeful that the 4 year silver investigation will be concluded in September or October of this year. In a May 2008 report, the CFTC concluded that there was no evidence of manipulation in the market between 2005 and 2007. Does anyone honestly believe anything will be different from this so-called organization? Since the CFTC never aided silver producers and investors in the past, there is no great loss in the agency continuing not to do its job as silver manipulators, like JP Morgan, are losing and the silver in the COMEX disappears.

Open Fire!
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Using plastic bullets, Anaheim police opened fired randomly into a crowd of women and children. In addition, to add to their sadistic behavior, they unleashed an attack dog on a mother holding her baby. And get this, several officers tried to buy the video off some of the people who recorded the escapade with their cell phones. Most likely; so they could enjoy the video later in private. The police chief placed two police officers on paid leave, after they shot, and killed, and unarmed suspect running away from them.

Marine Corps Creates Law Enforcement Battalions

The next time you get pulled over for a speeding violation, it may be a U.S. Marine giving you that ticket with an M16 aimed at you and a armed drone flying overhead.   The Marine Corps has created its first law enforcement battalions of 500 military police officers and dozens of dogs that supposedly are to quickly be deployed worldwide to help investigate crimes from terrorism to drug trafficking; however, is it a real stretch, with a more military presence on U.S. streets, that they would be used domestically?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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