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Today’s Items:

When Safe Havens Become Bubbles

Safe haven is a lovely term indicating that an asset class, bank or company is rock solid, reliable and dependable.   For centuries, Switzerland was seen as a safe haven.   But today, money is rushing into Denmark.   The only problem with this safe haven and others today, is that this money rushing in has nothing tangible backing it up; thus, when it collapses, it will affect everyone in those safe havens.

Banks Are Agents Of The State

According to John Hathaway, gold should be trading well above $2,500; however, there is tremendous corruption in the banking system, from LIBOR to HSBC’s drug money laundering.   The powers that be do not want see gold going to $2,500.   Because of Asian rock solid demand, gold has frustrated those who want gold to go below $1500.   In short, have patience and wait out this paper storm because the current price is a slight of hand illusion.

11 Nails in the Coffin of the Petrodollar

Here are a few of those international agreements…
1. China and Russia
2. China and Brazil
3. China and Australia
4. China and Japan
5. China and Iran
6. China and Africa
See a pattern developing folks?

Assassination Attempt of Hillary Clinton in Israel

After having tomatoes and shoes thrown at her motorcade in Egypt, someone tried to assassinate Hillary Clinton.   Either that, or someone decided, at an opportune moment, to simply throw out a bucket of water.

Definitely Fraudulent

Investigators for Arizona sheriff Arpaio’s posse have declared the obvious…   That Obama’s birth certificate is definitely fraudulent.   Of course, this is a step up from the March statement that it was computer generated.   The new information points out that the handwritten codes in boxes, specifically the 9’s, which indicate that the information for those boxes were not available; however, they are filled out in the copy.   Can Obama say identity theft?

UBS Issues Hyperinflation Warning

UBS has put out a report that there is some risk that hyperinflation could arise in one or more large currencies.  These countries are the top deficit countries and face a very serious possibility of hyperinflation…   Unless we have a war.    The U.S., Japan, the UK, France, Spain and India all top the countries that could see hyperinflation.

Very Real Danger of Collapse

Credit expansion is the most important factor responsible for the last few decades of expansion. In the process, many nations around the world have run up a horrifying debt to unprecedented levels.   In 2007, cracks in this expansion began to occur and now we are seeing the accelerated collapse.   This means the loss of, not only material wealth, but the underlying social infrastructure of modern civilization.   Are you ready.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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