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Today’s Items:

US Is Building Criminal Cases in Rate Fixing

As U.S. regulators, covering for the Federal Reserve, ramp up their global investigation into the manipulation of interest rates, as a CYA, the Department of Injustice are identifying some fall guys, at big banks, to fall on the proverbial sword.   Authorities may, or may not, file charges against at least one bank later this year, after the election of course.   Expect a presidential pardon on all bankers who have contributed to Obama later this year, and those who contributed to Romney in January.

PFG Founder Admits: I Forged Bank Statements for 20 Years

Russell Wasendorf – wasn’t that the pledge from Animal House? founder of PFG, was arrested.   He tried to commit suicide when it was discovered that over $200 billion, that he was managing, just vaporized.   For those with money in banks under bank managers…   Think your money is safe?

COMEX Swap Dealers Net Long Gold for Third Time Ever

For only the third time in six years, Swap dealers are net long on gold.   Swap Dealers are commercial derivatives traders who primarily trade in the form of swaps in other markets and then hedge those sophisticated positions using futures contracts.  Sounds like a bookie.    So, if they are see gold going up in the future, where do you think the price of gold is going up.   That’s right….   Up…   Therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Why is the UK Preparing for War, Instead of the Olympics?
http://humansarefree.com  1st link
http://humansarefree.com  2nd link

The Olympics start on July 27th; however, with all of the military assets around London, one would get the uneasy feeling that they are readying for war, and not the games.   The company, G4S, that was responsible for security at the games, has essentially admitted that their work is a failure.   It might be wise to say outside of London during the games.   Besides, you would get a better view from the televised version anyway.

Identifying Voter Fraud

A judge has bitch-smacked Obama’s attempt to keep Florida from identifying ineligible voters.   While Florida’s method may not be perfect, it has at least identified over 2600 ineligible voters.   So, how many are still out there that are convicted felons or still residents of other states, like New York?   Perhaps ACORN will be given the contract to assist Florida with voter identification.  The level of illegal voting in November will be astounding.

Convicted Bank Robber Gets 1,256 Years in Prison

After serving part of a six-year sentence for a 2003 bank robbery, Daryl Keener, got out and robbed another bank.   This time this “habitual offender” was sentenced to 1,256 years in prison; however, one can expect him to be released in about six years – three if good behavior.  Of course, the best, and legally sanctioned, way to rob a bank, to to own one folks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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