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Today’s Items:

Greece to Present Debt Inspectors ‘Alarming’ Data

Greece’s new government is planning to present ‘alarming’ data on its recession and unemployment to international debt inspectors. It does not take a leap of faith to believe that it will be that the nation is simply insolvent and austerity is not helping. Rescue creditors have so far appeared cool to the idea of extending Greece’s deficit reduction deadlines. In short, say good-bye to Greece folks.

Government Motors

As Government Motors shares near a record low of $19.57, taxpayer loss on the union supported bailout rises to $35 billion. The U.S. government still owns 26.5% of the boondoggle as Unions did not make any sacrifices. The unions got theirs and you can forget yours.

There is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch… For Now.

Food Stamps working as the new Electronic Benefits Transfer card, looks and works like any other ATM or credit card. In fact, you can buy fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes with this thing. In addition, many of these cards, after being reported lost or stolen, are being sold on Craigslist for profit. Another zero-cost for the taxpayers government program success story folks.

Are Unions Beginning to Collapse?

Government unions tout their ability to get their workers higher salaries and better benefits.   With that said, there is now growing blow back against unions. Unions have been collapsing under their own weight. They constantly want more money than their labor generates. The public is also growing ever more concerned about the cost unions impose on taxpayers. From the Supreme Court to anti-bargaining bills in states, like Tennessee, people are fighting back.

America’s Highest Paying Jobs 2012

Here are the top five… Welfare recipient… Just kidding… for now…
5. Lawyers
4. Oil Engineers
3. CEO’s
2. Dentists
1. Doctors

Texas Justifiable Homicides Rise With ‘Castle Doctrine’

Since Texas in 2007 expanded its “Castle Doctrine”, the number of criminals, and low-lifes, shot to death has increased from 32 to 48. Perhaps, if that number was a lot higher, then things would be a lot better. When would-be criminals see career criminals getting shot-up by crazed ‘victims’, then things are fine. So, keep packing those guns and flame throwers folks.  I can see it now… “Your honor, he broke into my house and all I had to defend myself was this 4th of July flare gun”

Secrets of ‘The City of London’  This story turns out to be false… Sorry folks.

Here is some interesting facts about the city of London.
1. The distance between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Cathedral is 666 meters.
2. It is the same distance between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England
3. It is the same distance between the Tower of London and the London Bridge.
Hmmm… Something sinister here folks.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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