Forward! Obama’s Vision for the United States!

Here are a few things that Obama supporters should so feel proud of as they move forward:

  1. Obama started wars, like invading Libya, without Congressional approval.
  2. Obama gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton.  You know, Dick Cheney’s favorite war profiting company.
  3. Obama has waged wars against medical marijuana.   He got his blow, but he does not want you to have yours.
  4. Obama supports and rewards repeating tax cheaters like Tim Geithner.  Made him in charge of the agency that enforces tax laws.  
  5. Obama gave tax dollars to AIG executives.
  6. Obama helped increase the national debt by $4 trillion.
  7. Obama takes pride in killing U.S. citizens without giving them judicial process.  Watch out for those armed drones.
  8. Obama ordered a private company, Boeing, to fire 1,000 employees.  
  9. Obama gleefully stole money from retired teachers and police officers.
  10. Obama supported the release of  a convicted serial killer from prison.
  11. Obama forced union to drop health insurance for employees’ children.
  12. Obama made the TSA more abusive and more ridiculous.
  13. Obama violated Freedom of Information Act
  14. Obama supported new bailouts for speculators who caused housing bubble. 
  15. Obama wants unlimited detention for U.S. citizens, his enemies, without due process.
  16. Obama supports warrentless wiretapping.

Yes folks, Obama is a man, maybe, you can feel proud of.

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