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Today’s Items:

A Global Recession? The Warning Signs Are Everywhere

The Euro-zone economy is virtually flat on its back. In the U.S., Job growth has been slipping badly for three months. GDP was an anemic 1.9 percent in the first quarter. Many economists would call 2 percent a growth recession. Well, at least we are not in a war… Yet.

What Peak Oil?

In another possible massive lie to fool the people, British Petroleum, directly responsible for trying to cover up their poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, has put out data showing that oil reserves are growing and new discoveries show we are extracting oil slower than is being formed. Of course, their obvious aim, putting out this data, is to prevent government money from going to renewable energy resources.

Expect A Tidal Wave Entrance Into Gold

From Euro-zone troubles to the dropping GDP in Brazil and India, the entire financial system is in collapse. According to Gerald Celente, a tidal wave entrance into gold will happen when there’s a real collapse and catastrophe that governments and banks can’t paper over anymore. For the short term, we may see the price of gold go down, because of manipulation and deflationary pressures, but in the long term… the sky is the limit.

Does America Face An Election Between Two Moderates?

So, it will be a choice between Obama and Romney. Both are large supporters of the military industrial complex. Both love nationalized healthcare. Both show no opposition to the Federal Reserve System and the banking cronyism it has institutionalized. Neither has made a peep out of ending the needlessly expensive and socially degenerating drug war. Yep, a clear choice, come this November folks.

Ginsburg: Expect “Sharp Disagreement” in Supreme Court Rulings

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg had to open her mouth about upcoming rulings around June 25th. She stated “Those who know don’t talk. And those who talk don’t know.” Since she decided to talk about it, she is telling the world she doesn’t know. In addition, she talking in public may be a way of telling everyone that Obamacare will be dumped completely.

Glitchy ATM, Casinos and Jail

Ronald Page encountered a glitchy ATM at a Detroit casino and was able to withdrawal almost unlimited withdrawals. When officials, at Bank of America, figured it out, he had already gambled away $1.5 million. He has been sentenced for 15 months in prison. So, if he had given that money to someone he trusts, spent the 15 months in jail, he would not ever have to work again.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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