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Today’s Items:

Head of World Bank Warns Europe is Heading for ‘Danger Zone’

Robert Zoellick, chief criminal of the World Bank, warned that financial markets face a rerun of the Great Panic of 2008. The flow of money into so-called ‘safe havens’ such as UK, German and US government debt turned into a stampede. Events in Greece could trigger financial fright across the euro-zone. The summer of 2012 offers an eerie echo of 2008… But most likely far worse.

A Chinese Bank Run?

We have seen it in southern Europe, now bank runs appear to be happening in China. Bank runs have spread to China’s industrial and construction-heavy city of Wuyishan. The start of the bank run was based on rumors that the government would freeze personal bank accounts as part of investigation for a company that went bust. Even if such a story were untrue, perceptions like this can accelerate bank runs anywhere… Including within the U.S.

Where is the New $100 Note?

In April 2010, we got bombarded about the new $100 dollar bill. More than two years later with a bunch of fishy stories about wrinkles, we are still waiting. The Federal Reserve claims they will give six months notice before issuing a new note; however, if a bank holiday comes because of bank runs, they could easily issue notes as the replacement note that will not be exchanged at a one to one ratio. You know, a debasement of currency.

Quick Notes About the Unemployment Rate

Here are a few…
1. U.S. manipulated unemployment rate increased to 8.2%
2. Long-Term unemployment rose by 310,000
3. There are 8,098,000 workers who are working part-time but want full-time work.
And we are headed into a recession with these numbers?

MF’s Bank Returns $600 Million

JPMorgan has returned about $600 million from the MF Global disaster that, as of now, has $1.6 billion missing. While most payments have not been disclosed publicly, this may be a result of the impending litigation that JPMorgan may find itself from the multiple government agencies. I bet a trip to Guantanamo Bay for Financial Terrorist Jon Corzine would jog his memory on the remaining $1 billion.

Shanghai Silver Futures

The Shanghai Futures Exchange has begun trading in silver contracts. The contracts are expected to be bullish for silver prices, with traders stating that it could make market manipulation more difficult. Investment in silver has been booming in China with a sluggish performance in stocks and other paper markets. Looks like the CME may be in for a lot of trouble. Add the fact that China is set to buy the London Metals Exchange and things get more interesting. Keep stacking!

Department of Homeland Security Warns of Hurricanes

Since Janet Incompentano could not find a terrorist if one came up and slapped his face, he has decided demonstrate the Peter Principle through weather forecasting. They are actually warning Americans to be prepared for hurricanes. Well duh!!!! What’s next, a national alert about gas prices?

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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