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Today’s Items:

Bank of England Prepares plans for Euro Collapse

The Bank of England is poised to cut interest rates or launch another round of quantitative easing, not if, but when, the euro collapses. The money printing is expected to be about a sum of £325 billion which could be extended. Of course, you can be assured that Sugar Daddy Benji Bernanke, at the Fed, will be turning the digital money press up to warp nine as well.

Homes Prices Drop 2% to Post-Crisis Lows as Consumer Confidence Plunges

Home prices fell in the first quarter to new post-crisis lows; however, prices were up in March from February for the first time in seven months. Las Vegas continues to be the worst housing market. Meanwhile, consumer confidence, which accounts for 70% of economic activity, had its biggest drop in eight months in May.

House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

The GOP leadership in the House of Representatives announced that HR 459 to fully audit the Federal Reserve will come to a vote in July. You know, to give time for Federal Reserve operatives to apply the necessary pressure to ensure the vote goes the way they want it to go. Do not be surprised if there is an addendum to the bill extending the Federal Reserve for another 100 years and that the audit will be watered down to the point that it will only verify that the Federal Reserve buildings have not been stolen.  Who will be the person who introduces the 100 year extension? Most likely, none other than  outgoing representative Barney Frank who helped bring us the housing crisis.

20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down

Here are a few…
1. Cannibalism is alive and well in America. It’s what’s for dinner.
2. Many of our major cities are turning into war zones.
3. These days, most people do not seem to care if you are pregnant.
4. Flash mobs continue to rob convenience stores all over the country.

Escape From New York

Like California, refugees are fleeing New York State because of high taxes. In ten years, New York has lost 3.4 million taxpayers to lower tax states. For example, 612,000 moved to Florida. Of that, between 2009 and 2010 alone, 40,195 New York residents moved to Florida, taking $1.3 billion in income. Hopefully, although unlikely, these people realize the error demanding more government services.

Americans Have No Right to Choose Food

Right out of some nightmare communist manifesto, Wisconsin judge, Patrick Fiedler, has decided that families cannot drink the milk from their own cows on their own property. Apparently, this judge needs to be impeached.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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