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Today’s Items:

Oil Down to Near $94 on China, Europe Concerns

Hey, what happened to the $5 to $6 dollar a gallon for gas that was predicted? Oil prices, and subsequent gas prices have been dropping. In fact, Oil has dropped because the Chinese economy is slowing faster than expected and the fiscal mess in Europe. Speculation that Greece will abandon the euro-zone helped boost the perceived value of the U.S. dollar, pushing down crude prices.

India April Inflation Worse than Expected

Expecting 6.7 percent inflation, what India got, instead, was 7.2 percent.   Food increased 10.5 percent in April alone.  India’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in over two years.   And the global economy continues to recover.

Signal A Collapse

According to Dan Norcini, a colleague of Jim Sinclair, if we see a sustained yield on the U.S. 10-Year Note below the 1.8% level, it may trigger a global deflationary wave.  Of course, Benji Bernanke does not want a deflationary depression; therefore, he will do anything to prevent that from happening.  In short, Bernanke may not want to do another round of QE, due to the political implications, but the market may force his hand if stocks  and interest rates really begin to plummet.

Chaos, Derivatives, and Quantum Physics

Everyday, the financial markets get more and more chaotic. In fact, derivatives have become so chaotic that they no longer obey the classical laws of physics.  It may not be long before those dueling manipulating supercomputers will be useless.  In the end, the only thing that one can count on is what they have in hand; therefore keep stacking physical.

If the Power Grid Goes Down, All Bets Are Off

Please review the video by SGT Report as he interviews James Wesley Rawles about what to do if the fragile Power-grid goes down.  Human nature is going to come into play as the collapse happens.  The best thing to do is to geographically isolate yourself, and your loved ones as much as possible and preposition your supplies as necessary.

If You Live In California Things Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

These days, California is very similar to Greece in many ways.  You know, the calls for austerity – Yet the inability to balance the budget with a $16 billion shortfall.   Also, with taxes going up, there will be a lot more wealthy people warming up the moving trucks to get the hell out the state.   When that happens, expect that official 11% unemployment in California to go up big time.

Ron Paul Ends his Hunt for Votes

Like Iowa’s vote hold, that turned out to be for Ron Paul instead of Goldman Sachs Romney, Arizona may also fall into the Ron Paul category.  With that said, Ron Paul is not going to spend money he does not have on states that have not voted yet; however, he is still in the race. He also encourages his supporters to still turn out and vote. And the race for delegates continues…

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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