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Today’s Items:

Greek Communist Leader Supports Staying in Euro Zone

The newly elected Communist leader in Greece wants to stay in the EU.  Wow! With all of that wonderful bailout money, why not?  Hell, this is an opportunity to turn up the spending spigot in Greece even more.  What could go wrong?

Gold & Silver Bottoming as Euro Troubles Reemerge

Incumbents were routed in some important elections in Europe.  Greece is plunging head-first into political uncertainty.  From the elections, fiscal responsibility is out and insane government spending is in vogue in Europe now.  With out-of-control spending on both sides of the Atlantic, look for a race to safe haven assets soon, and it will not be treasuries, bonds, or even phony baloney cash…  In short, keep stacking physical because manipulation will only go on so long before reality kicks in.

It’s Official: Economy Heading Down

April Retail sales are the worst since 2009.  Year-over-year housing prices continue to decline despite record low mortgage rates!  The SGS-Alternate unemployment notched up from 22.2 to 22.3 percent in April.  With so much economic bad news out, it is hard for any free-thinking person not to notice that the economy is heading south. Get ready for that offical QE3 announcement folks.

There’s Always Free Cheese in a Mousetrap

Between Food stamps, disability, Social Security, and other government goodies, more and more people will be caught in the proverbial mousetrap when the money either runs out or is worthless.  Do yourself a favor, and make sure that you do not fall into this trap and if you are, try to get out by any means possible.  For example, multiple sources of self-made income will serve you, and yours, well.

The 7 Deadly Signs of Bad Financial Advising

Here are a few…
1. Portfolio contains only one type of investment.
2. Hearing the same advice from 2008.
3. Weak inflation protection.

Currency Debasement and Social Collapse

The Roman Empire did not fall due to a superior external military force, it fell because of its greed and debasement of currency.  As the financial infrastructure fell, so did the social structure to the point that it became the beginning of the dark ages.  Like the Roman Empire, the U.S. Empire is about to see the same consequence of abusing its currency; thus, it is a good idea to prepare with enough; so that, starting over, will be a little less painful.


Forgive me; however, I wonder why a good blockbuster movie, like the Avengers, came out so early.  Usually, summer blockbusters come out during Memorial Day weekend.  Is Hollywood planning for a horrible summer, or do Hollywood execs know something we do not?

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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