S Carolina: Gold and Silver Manipulation

News Flash:

 Although the Treasurer of the State of South Carolina does not believe that state funds should be invested in gold and silver, there are statements that are most enlightening. The official report states that there has been naked short selling causing artificial price suppression of gold and silver by JP Morgan, HSBC, the London Bullion Market Association, and the Federal Reserve.

This is important for three different reasons.

1. For years, there have been a multitude of complaints about the the manipulation of the price of gold and silver and the government has not made any form of corrective action.

2. The Federal Government, because of discrimination, cannot simply cherry pick when and how to enforce laws.
Meaning they would be discriminating against a party if they start enforcing, or making, laws to this end.

3. The 10th amendment reserves rights, not stated in the U.S. Constitution, to the states or to the people.

By these reasons, and others that can be brought up, the U.S. Federal government has essentially nullified itself concerning precious metals now and hence forth.  This means, that any possible nationalization, or confiscation of gold and silver, would be illegal, because the government would have discriminated in favor of the banks against the people.   At this point, the people now have the right, not to surrender their wealth in physical gold and silver, to the U.S. Government; therefore, keep stacking.


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3 thoughts on “S Carolina: Gold and Silver Manipulation

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