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Obama Taps Jim Yong Kim for World Bank

Well, it looks like ice-witch Hillary Clinton, has been shafted, yet again. This time she will not be taking control of the World Bank. Instead Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim, a public health expert, will head this financial institution. In short, the cancer of Obamacare now extends to choosing a Public health expert for the World Bank.

When Central Banks Fail

Many in the world have a collective amnesia when it comes to their financial savior Benji Bernanke. Many have forgotten how his sluggish response to the brewing credit storm in 2006-2007 Many will follow his advice and not invest in gold because they have been told it is a bad risk. Many will loose when their paper assets go up in flames. Many will not heed the advice to keep stacking.

Chinese Gold Buyers Here for the Long Haul

While those looking at the short term are dismayed at the lowering price of precious metals, the Chinese are delighted and are treating this as an opportunity to make more physical gold and silver disappear off the market. Everyday, China continues its not-so-secret mission to back its currency with physical gold as other nations around the world back their currencies with empty promises. When gold can be directly traded for a fixed money denomination, it will be destroy the fiat currencies; therefore, keep stacking.

Government to Keep Information on Americans with No Terror Ties

The U.S. intelligence community will now store information about Americans with no ties to terrorism for up to five years under the new Obama administration guidelines. Up until now, this information had to be immediately destroyed; however, a more fearful U.S. government of its worst enemy, the American people, is doing everything possible to stay ahead of the game.

Obamacare: Broken Promises

As Obama’s sycophants defend Obama’s crowning government takeover of healthcare at the Supreme Court, this video clearly illustrates the compounded lies that Obama put forth in getting this crap passed. Remember what what the blithering idiot Nancy Pelosi said… “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it.”

Was Critical Disclosure of MF Global Documents Delayed?

We are beginning to know why Jon Corzine is not in an orange jump suit. He would have had company. Namely members of the the Securities and Exchange Commission. This may be the reason why time stamps on official documents received unusual treatment; in that, their dates were suspiciously altered. Who ever said the SEC was ethical, must be smoking the same thing that Bernanke is.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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  3. Hi Scott,

    I want you to know that, as a Forex trader working from my hardened underground trading bunker in New Hampshire complete with lavish surround sound and adult wet bar, I am thoroughly prepared for the escalating economic and social unrest! LOL

    I love your work and would like to support you. In that regard I would enjoy speaking with. I have assisted in the co-development of automated currency trading software that I believe will revolutionize ‘home economics’ for many. Rather than donate to your site, perhaps there’s a way I can help you grow your own money and not have to rely on donations.

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    Gordon Philips

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