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Venezuelan Oil a Risky Investment for China

Getting little for $30 billions in loans in Venezuelan oil, Chinese officials are frustrated. Seeing the long view, the Chinese want the oil contracts and not just oil for their money. Other than money, there is very little that China can offer to Venezuela… for now.

China’s Debt Mounts to $2.78 Trillion, 43% of GDP

As concerns over the $2.78 trillion debt mount, China’s Bank regulator will take steps to prevent defaults. They are going to also address local government debt in 2012 as well. Officials maintain that the debt is manageable as China is backed by $3.20 trillion in Forex reserves.The good news for China is that Japan is planning on purchasing 65 billion yuan in China government debt.

New Proof the U.S. Dollar is No Longer “King”

Iceland’s Prime Minister, understanding the currency situation, implied that Iceland wil adopt the euro, or other currency.  According to a poll, Iceland citizens prefer the Canadian dollar over other currencies. Even though Iceland is 1/5000th of the world economy, it may be the canary in the mine folks.

Critical Mass: The Mispricing of Derivatives Risk And How the Financial World Ends

Derivatives are credits, or potential money. When an event triggers them so that they become real, they could be the cause of a hyper-inflationary event. The explosion of the realization of these time bomb derivatives would create enormous fortunes and unpayable debts. No wonder it is a good idea to be in physical assets, like gold and silver, in the long run.

Why Army of New Buyers Will be Entering Gold & Silver

James Turk believes that there is enough concern about the Greek situation for people to look more closely at Sovereign debts. He goes on to say that the paper shakeout last week in silver did not impact those owning and accumulating physical silver. Those that are naked selling paper silver will be surprised at how fast silver will shoot up. In short, Keep stacking!

Exposing the 2 Percent Oil Reserve Myth

Obama stated that the U.S. holds only 2% of the planet’s proven oil reserves. Proven oil reserves are not all of our oil resources – not even close. Proven oil reserves are not stagnant. They are changing as companies explore, find, and produce oil. The reality is that the U.S. has enough recoverable oil for the next 200 years. We are a nation rich in energy resources with poor policies that do not allow us to access them.

CO2 Makes You Fat

According to Danish researches, the increase in CO2 over the past few decades seems to coincide with increased weight of both people and animals in controlled conditions. It appears that the higher the CO2 levels, the more you want to eat. Excuse me as I munch down on this triple meat cheese burger with extra mayo… Mmmm… Ohh…. love bacon. Anyway, plant a tree.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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