130213 – Stopping Snoopers

Today’s Items:

G7 Denies Currency Wars

Finance ministers of the G7, made up of the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan, issued a statement reiterating its “longstanding commitment” to market determined foreign exchange rates.    We are supposed to take these clowns seriously with Japan printing to infinity and beyond?  Give me a break.

Nothing Is Real In Markets Any More

Egon von Greyerz states that we are seeing a sucker’s rally in the stocks and that investors are focusing too much on short-term movements to see real trends.    He goes on to say with the margin debt high and mutual fund liquidity at a record low, there are many signs of a bubble in stocks.    He also says that the GDP would be negative if not for the massive QE and credit creation we have seen.     Eventually, reality will set in and paper will be destroyed as physical assets like gold and silver explode upwards.

U.S. Gold finds New Home

Booming demand for gold as a store of wealth among Asian investors is driving physical gold bars and coins out of the U.S. and into Asia.    Uncertainty about the U.S. and euro zone fiscal situation have prompted many ultra-rich gold investors to move their bullion holdings to Hong Kong and Singapore from traditional gold hubs in Switzerland, London and New York.    At least they may have their physical…. Do you?

Fingerprinting Precious Metal Sellers

The super geniuses in the Houston City Council have come up with a way to stop stolen gold and silver from being resold.    Gold-buying businesses will now be required to photograph and fingerprint sellers as well as photograph the items that are being sold to the dealer.    The obvious loop-hole is that thieves could just sell stolen valuables in another county.

CNN Advocating Killing Americans?

CNN’s Erin Burnett asked whether or not law enforcement should use drones to kill Christopher Dorner in the U.S..    So, what happens if the drone fires and hits a school, instead?    Not to mention, the idea of due-process under the Constitution.    Of course, we have the LAPD becoming a bumbling execution squad before our very eyes.

Killing Without Due Process

In a recent poll of registered American voters,   75% approve of Washington’s assassination of foreign citizens abroad based on suspicion that they might be terrorists.    24% approve of Washington’s murder of American citizens based solely on suspicion and without due process of law.    As the Founding Fathers knew and the American people have forgot, no one is safe in a dictatorship.

Silent Circle

Silent Circle’s groundbreaking encrypted data transfer app will enable people to send files securely.     When a user sends a file, it will be encrypted, digitally “shredded” into thousands of pieces, and temporarily stored in a “Secure Cloud Broker” until it is transmitted to the recipient.    It’s a game-changer that will almost certainly make it easier for anyone trying to evade surveillance.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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