Title IX Rule Change

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has revised the rules for Title IX cases.  Under Obama,, colleges and universities did not allow defendants, or their attorney’s, to cross-exam victims which violated the sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

This whole setup by colleges and universities having some form of ‘Star Chamber‘ justice system that violates the U.S. Constitution was and is very scary.

It is natural, that administrators, with advise from their legal counsel, will want to avoid the possibility of embarrassment, or possible charges of neglect for not protecting students, will take the easier route of isolating any defendant from the rest of the student body.

There are three basic rights that all citizens of the United States share… These are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  When public authorities, without legal due process with the use of a real court, infringe on a person’s right, this is clearly illegal.  What right does a public university have to take someone off a sports team for a sexual harassment/assault charge without being found guilty in real court of law?  None, because it infringes that person’s right to pursue happiness.

Just a final thought on this… If a group of lawyers, and administrators, have actively conspired to violate a person’s rights the manner described above, then there everyone involved should be brought up on violating the RICO Act.


Nov 4th Protest for Communism?

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 4th, 2017, virtually 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, widespread protests are scheduled.  This time, being run by a Soros backed Antifa, their primary aim will be the overthrow the elected government of the United States.

If this story is remotely correct, it is my hope that the military, if confronting violent hoodlums, terminate with extreme prejudice and put and end to this under the National Defense Authorization Act and the Sedition Act of 1918 ( notice that the act was one year after the Bulshevik Revolution? ).

In addition, the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives each American citizen the right for self-defense.

I hope I am wrong.

Trump’s Scary Support?

File this one under “I was just thinking…”

Have you wondered why there are so many people in the political, and the media, establishment screaming about President Trump? Let’s face it, the volume of anti-Trump hysteria is at record levels.

The vast amount of people, from all angles of the political spectrum, have not considered is that there is no way that Donald Trump could honestly get to the level that he is at in real estate from New York to Las Vegas without a little support. That is right; he had to have conducted multiple dealings with the mafia, and labor unions, in order to rise to the level of being a real estate tycoon in just New York alone.

The mafia, for the most part, is always looking out for the bottom line; thus, everything is about business and ensuring their customer base. To that end, President Trump, based on the many years of experience in business dealings, will be creating policies to help ensure that the economy is moving forward to ensure that the mafia has customers.

Let’s face it, in a socialist society, the black market is a very unstable and dangerous situation and this is not a long-term solution that the mafia would like; thus, they will want socialist policies to be nullified quickly.

As for the labor unions, if the economy were socialist in nature, there would be no need for unions; thus, their best financial interest is supporting President Trump.

Understanding the motivations of the mafia and labor unions, it is not hard to imagine that those adversaries of President Trump and capitalism, once the spot light is not so bright on them, may soon start taking long walks off of short piers with concrete shoes or that they may simply disappear like Jimmy Hoffa without President Trump ever knowing about it. In addition, President Trump working above, while the mafia works below, may actually neuter any criminal investigation.

While this possibility is bad, it is nowhere as horrific as Hillary Clinton and Obama’s agenda to destroy the U.S. through unaccountable bureaucracies, hand-tying treaties like TPP, spending like there is no tomorrow, and instigating riots to cause confusion and distraction.

In short, President Trump, who has very little Congressional or media support, may have support from unexpected, yet very powerful, sources; thus, could the screaming be a way for President Trump’s opponents to stay in the spot light and hold off the inevitable?